Paying the m50 Toll

Paying the M50 toll in Dublin doesn't have to be a hassle. With multiple payment options, you can easily cover the toll and keep your journey smooth. Remember to stay informed about the latest rates and regulations to ensure you're always in compliance. For the most up-to-date information and to pay the M50 toll, visit the official eFlow website

What is the M50 Toll?

The M50 Toll is a barrier-fee toll system in operation on Dublin’s m50 motorway, one of the busiest and most vital roadways in the country. The toll is located on a specific section of the M50.

Payment Options

Paying the M50 toll is now easier than ever, thanks to various payment options. Here are the most common ways to pay the toll:

1. EFlow Website

Click the provided link and follow the prompts on the eFlow website to pay your toll online. Pay the M50 Toll

2. Payzone Outlets

You can pay your toll at any Payzone retail outlet across Ireland. Simply provide your vehicle registration number, and they will assist you in making the payment.

3. Phone Payment

Call the eFlow contact center at +353 1 461 0066 to make a payment over the phone. Be sure to have your vehicle registration number ready.

5. M50 Toll App

Download the M50 Toll App on your smartphone to pay the toll on the go.

Toll Rates
The toll costs €3.50 for cars and €4.40 for vehicles with seating for more than 8 passangers. 

Safe travels on the M50!